Staff Directory

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Petersen, JacobLifeguard IFire
Peterson, AngelenaPool Swim InstructorRecreation
Peterson, EricHarbor Services Worker, LeadHarbor Department
Pham, DanielLifeguard IIFire
Phan, TuRecreation CoordinatorRecreation949-270-8103
Phillips, MitchellDepartment AssistantFire949-644-3115
Philpot, JacobLifeguard IIFire
Piani, RylanLifeguard IFire
Pichardo, GilbertUtilities Crew ChiefUtilities949-718-4418
Piersall, PatrickUtilities Crew ChiefUtilities949-718-3416
Pinckney, GaleRecreation CoordinatorRecreation
Pinel, MichaelHarbor Services WorkerHarbor Department
Pocoroba, JeffreyMaintenance Worker IPublic Works Municipal Operations949-718-3463
Poli, EthanLifeguard IIIFire
Pomeroy, ColeRecreation Leader, SeniorRecreation
Ponegalek, ChadFire Captain 112 HoursFire949-644-3376
Pope, JohnPublic Information ManagerCity Manager949-644-3031
Popovich, RyanFire Engineer 112 HourFire949-644-3104
Porter, NateLifeguard IFire
Postil, BradenLifeguard IFire
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